Ani Nii Shobo and Suipino – Our Recommended Ayahuasca centers

Ani Nii Shobo video:

Cabanas at Ani Nii Shobo

Our Canadian consulting shaman recommends Ayahuasca center Ani Nii Shobo and its sister centre Suipino in the Ucayali region of Peru for Ayahuasca ceremonies. Our Canadian shaman has considerable experience with Ayahuasca and has been traveling to Peru for ceremonies for the past 13 years.

When our Canadian shaman, who is remaining anonymous for good reason (see “legality” here) started traveling to Peru for ceremonies he initially went to Ayahuasca centers in Iquitos, the “capital” of Ayahuasca in Peru. Through a number of circumstances he eventually started working with Ani Nii Shobo near Pucallpa, Peru.

As Peru is a “developing” country – ie. it is being ruthlessly exploited for its raw materials – you can find all types of accommodations and budgets there suitable for your preferred style of travel. And while there are some trade-offs with Ani Nii Shobo in the level of interpretation and counseling, there is no trade-off with the quality of shamans at the centre. They are some of the best shamans currently offering ceremonies for Westerners in Peru.

Kitchen and meeting room

Ani Nii Shobo could be considered a “mid-range” Ayahuasca centre in terms of Western travel, accommodations and price. Accommodations there with ceremonies are  $100 US per day with meals, accommodations and ceremonies included. You can compare that to other centres in the Amazon that will charge up to $350 US per day. One of the main differences between the more expensive centres and Ani Nii Shobo may lie in the level of personal counseling offered. There is no formal English counselling program for Western visitors at Ani Nii Shobo. However, staff do speak English.

Ani Nii Shobo guest rooms

Accommodations are very good for the Amazon and the meals, camaraderie and staff are excellent. It is a great centre for both inexperienced and experienced participants. But you also have to be aware that the Peruvian Amazon may not offer standards of accommodation that meet your Western expectations. Ayahuasca ceremonies at Ani Nii Shobo are usually conducted on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays of each week.

Ani Nii Shobo as approached from the Ucayali River

Ani Nii Shobo’s sister centre, Suipino offers a more rudimentary program. You may cook your own meals and are usually staying by yourself in one of their cabins. Suipino is typically for the more serious initiates who understand the work and who may be considering shamanism in the future or who may want to undertake more intensive work with the medicine.