Ayahuasca being prepared at Ani Nii Shobo in Peru

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About Us – This website has been built through the co-operative efforts of the website writer, a Canadian with over 100 Ayahuasca ceremonies as of this writing, our Canadian shaman and his brother, with a combination of hundreds of Ayahuasca ceremonies over the past 13 years and our Peruvian partners including individual shamans with over 35 years individual experience. These shamans operate two Ayahuasca centers in Peru including Ani Nii Shobo and Suipino. They have facilitated thousands of Ayahuasca journeys and are direct descendants of a long line of Amazonian shamans.

There is a lot of very detailed information available worldwide about Ayahuasca. The scientific and shamanistic knowledge is continually expanding. Our objective is to provide some insight into the medicine, its uses and the possible benefits of Ayahuasca in your life.

The title of the website, “Ayahuasca Canada – Ayahuasca information from a Canadian Perspective” – should be fairly self-explanatory but a more detailed explanation of this theme will be offered here.

The idea of the website is to offer information for Canadians and others who may benefit from a Canadian or “western” viewpoint. Ayahuasca is a large topic and emphasis in other websites, books or videos may shift depending on who is presenting the information, their particular cultural background, even their religion and how they use the medicine. Our objective is to give information that may be relevant to people who are contemplating an Ayahuasca journey or who may be looking for relevant information from a “Canadian” perspective.

The information here is collaborative – extensive talks with our Canadian shaman and his brother and with the Peruvian shamans have shaped the content. There is general agreement about the medicine from the individual shamans involved. We feel this information may be of use to persons who wish to undertake Ayahuasca ceremonies or for people who are simply looking for information about the medicine.