Spiritual (Energetic) Sickness

When you are born into this physical plane, you are born into spiritual or energetic sickness. It’s simply a fact of your incarnation here. There’s tremendous beauty and love on this planet but there’s no denying the spiritual sickness that accompanies your birth. The fact of mankind being spiritually sick is obvious. You simply have to look at the perpetual warfare on the planet, for example, or our environmental destruction to understand this. So how is it that everyone on this planet becomes spiritually sick and what is available to deal with it?

For the answer to that we need to go back to your birth. Babies are born into spiritual sickness or, in other words, into the dense physical energy of the earthly plane. This is simply a fact. Everyone on this planet has spiritual sickness to some degree, even very enlightened self-aware people. If you didn’t have spiritual sickness you would be in the Jesus, Buddha or enlightened master category and would be here to heal spiritual sickness instead of experiencing it. Incidentally, there is no blame in this. The fact your caregivers were spiritually sick is the nature of this physical plane.

Along with the experience of physicality on the earthly plane comes the opportunity for love and beauty without a doubt but there’s also ego, greed, selfishness, intolerance, negativity, heartache, resentment, recrimination, envy, jealousy, violence and a whole host of other negative characteristics that will be experienced to some degree. Your caregivers suffered from spiritual sickness along with everyone else on the planet. If you wish to heal your own spiritual sickness there are numerous ways to go about it. However, a very direct and powerful healing can be found with Ayahuasca.

Spiritual sickness in its basic form for is simply energy that is passed from one human to another, just like spiritual goodness. Have you ever come away from someone and felt like you’ve been drained or, conversely, felt like you’ve been energized and uplifted? This is one way to determine if you’ve met someone who has not dealt with at least part of their spiritual sickness and someone who has. There is always an exchange of energy between two human beings or groups of human beings. It is built into life on this planet. Just like there is always an exchange of energy between people, the earth, nature and every living creature on the planet. Ayahuasca works directly on the spiritual energy stored in your body. She works to clear the energy and after a ceremony you should feel lightened, if not enlightened.

As a fetus, your gestation in the womb meant that the spiritual energy of your mother was passed directly to you. The spiritual energy of your father was contained in his sperm and in his on-going presence (if that was the case) and, indeed, the presence of everyone close to your mother during your gestation. You had no defense against this energy exchange. When you are a child you are an energy “sponge” and indiscriminate. As a child there are very limited defenses against this process. Childhood is when the spiritual energy of others, for the most part, is simply absorbed.

So your energetic makeup, who you are as a human being, your personality, your thought processes, the very essence of who you are and who you have become has been the result of your participation, willing or unwilling, in the energetic fields of your parents, siblings, relatives, teachers or other people that have been in your life. Up to and including the present day you. This is not to say that you haven’t contributed to this process yourself or that your energy hasn’t been absorbed by others. Your past lives and your soul journey have all led up to creating “you” as “you” in this present incarnation.

The real question is whether you think you need to change anything while you’re here or if you simply want to “ride it out.” And this is where the spiritual work of Ayahuasca can be of eminent practical value. Because if anything, Ayahuasca brings you very direct spiritual healing and teachings that are amazingly simple and amazingly effective. It is a hallmark of Ayahuasca journeys that the teachings are profoundly simple. It’s almost a cliche that after Ayahuasca ceremonies you  hear people talking about how simple it really is.

Think of a human being as a collection of energetic “layers.” Each of the layers has a particular strength or energetic “charge.” This energy is bound up in the particular emotional experience of that layer. So, for example, maybe an alcoholic father was emotionally unavailable to you as a child and the pain of this was laid down as a “layer” in your energetic field.

Depending on the strength of that pain it affects you more or less as you continue your journey in this lifetime or the next. It can pull you this way or that and perhaps even lead you into further life situations that feed that pain. But that energy will never leave or diminish until it is dealt with. You may think the energetic charge decreases over time – hence the phrase time heals all things – but it really is just you becoming more accustomed or comfortable with it. Conservation of energy is a fact. It never goes away until something is done to alter it. This is how energy from past lives, for example, can affect your life today whether you realize it or not.

In order to heal the energy it needs to be freed up from the emotional charge that is keeping that energy “stuck” and unavailable to you. This “bound” energy can result in certain undesirable behaviors such as excessive or obsessive thoughts, anger, grief, procrastination, sadness, envy, jealousy, isolation, fear, loneliness, etc. etc. Eventually it can also lead to physical illness. While therapies such as counseling and other healing modalities can diminish this energy, Ayahuasca is a particularly strong medicine that works at a very deep spiritual level to transform and free up this energy. Once the energy is freed up, it becomes available to you.

The other thing you need to understand is that these “layers” of energy are very much alive and aware of their own existence. They have intelligence and an agenda which is typically meant to protect you but may be now doing the exact opposite. Extreme examples of this are people with multiple personality or dissociative disorders. Each of the energetic personalities is designed to take care of a particular situation. So one personality may become active to deal with violence, another to deal with sexual abuse, another to deal with intimacy etc. etc. And yet these personalities are all part of the “subconscious” that make up the “you” that you experience today.

If you are called to healing something about yourself, you are really healing those layers of energy that are causing you conflict or grief or sadness or other emotional pain. And this certainly doesn’t mean you have multiple personalities. Lesser emotionally charged layers can manifest as obsessive or compulsive thoughts, self-denigration, depression, suicidal or self-destructive behavior, violence toward yourself or others or other undesirable characteristics. But all of these layers are intelligent and self-preserving. They protected you when you were a child and are still active and “protecting” you today. They have intelligence, life and a purpose. And like any intelligent, self-aware entity they don’t want to cease to exist.

These layers are often called the “subconscious” mind. Which simply means that the “you” that is in charge isn’t consciously aware of the intelligence or power behind these thoughts or actions. Thoughts, thought patterns or behaviors  just seem to pop up in certain circumstances. These behaviors are the result of “something” inside of you that is more or less forceful from the “past” that is continuing to exert influence on you in the present. They have a job to do after all and no one has asked them to stop.

If you consider that time is an illusion, as has been shown by physicists and science and that can be directly experienced in an Ayahuasca ceremony, you may realize that these intelligent beings are fully functional and active in your life to a greater or lesser degree. Understand that these intelligent beings, let’s call them “gatekeepers” are a protective mechanism of the human mind or soul or spirit – take your pick – that allowed you to survive the spiritual sickness of your upbringing.

But, should you decide that you no longer require the services of your gatekeepers understand that you are dealing with a “subconscious” intelligence that was very useful to you at some point in your life and that is a part of your current personal makeup. It may have helped you when you needed help the most. So you need to approach the gatekeeper and this work with a good measure of love and respect as you re-integrate the energy of these intelligent, self-aware helpers. Because they are really you. They are not an enemy to be eliminated, they are an old friend to be re-integrated into your present “you.” This is where the healing can really takes place in an Ayahuasca ceremony.