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Public Outreach Programs

AyahuascaCanada has embarked on a number of programs for the public.

YouTube Channel – more videos will be added to the AyahuascaCanada YouTube channel. The series of videos is designed to provide basic information for people new to the medicine and to discuss more advanced topics for experienced users.

Peru Documentary – Filmmaker Allan Finney will be traveling to Peru in July to speak at the 15th Annual Shamanism Conference. Allan plans on filming in Peru for a new documentary after the conference is over.

Ayahuasca forum – including Shaman/Resort rating system.

Polls and Surveys – to supply credible data and information on ayahuasca use in Canada and abroad.

Professional Services

Integration Services – calendaring system with bookings for phone/Skype or other online integration counseling.


Legality/Lobbying – Ayahuasca should never have been made illegal. In countries where it is legal it is being used as a clinical medicine with great effectiveness. AyahuascaCanada is lobbying/educating the Canadian government concerning issues of Ayahuasca legality.